Project Details

Welcome to the official website of the ISKCON Sannyasa Ministry. This platform serves as a comprehensive hub for all information related to the ministry, providing a seamless experience for users, particularly Sannyasa Candidates. The project is divided into two main components: the Admin Panel and the Sannyasa System.

Admin Panel

Tech Stack: PHP (Laravel), MySQL

Our robust Admin Panel forms the backbone of the entire system. It empowers administrators to efficiently manage the website’s content, ensuring smooth operations and up-to-date information for our users.

Key features of the Admin Panel include:

Department/Committee Management: A dynamic system to handle various departments and committees within the ministry, complete with a list of members for each.

Sannyasis Directory: An organised list showcasing the esteemed sannyasis associated with the ministry, complete with relevant details and profiles.

Newsletter Management: A dedicated space to create, manage, and publish newsletters, keeping the community informed about the latest updates, events, and news.

Sannyasa System

Tech Stack: Python (Django), React, SQLite

The Sannyasa System is tailored for sannyas candidates, offering a secure and personalised experience upon login. This system is designed to streamline the journey of sannyas aspirants, providing them with essential tools and information. Key features of the Sannyasa System include:

User Authentication: A secure login system exclusively for sannyas candidates, ensuring privacy and personalised access.

Interactive Dashboard: A user-friendly dashboard featuring relevant information, updates, and progress tracking for sannyas candidates.

Resource Center: A comprehensive repository of resources, guidelines, and materials essential for those on the path to sannyasa.

Communication Hub: An integrated communication platform to facilitate seamless interaction among sannyas candidates, mentors, and administrators.

Technologies Used

Admin Panel: PHP (Laravel), MySQL

Sannyasa System: Python (Django), React, SQLite

Project Highlights

User-Friendly Interface: Both the Admin Panel and Sannyasa System boast intuitive interfaces, making navigation and usage a breeze.

Scalability: The project is designed with scalability in mind, ensuring it can adapt to the growing needs of the ISKCON Sannyasa Ministry community.

Security: Robust security measures are implemented to safeguard user data and ensure a safe online environment.

Explore the ISKCON Sannyasa Ministry Website and delve into a world of seamless management and a personalised experience for sannyas candidates. We invite you to be a part of this digital journey towards spiritual growth and enlightenment.